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Pacman 30th anniversary

PACMan’s first game released in Japan on August 4, 1980, and became a hit among children. It was simple speculation. The previous man ate points, ghosts. The game was immediately successful and millions of people played.

On April 24, 1982, Namco released the second version of the PAC Man, which was upgraded to the original version. The new version offered energy and a better maze.

Pacman 2 has achieved great success and has become the most famous sport in the world. In 1983, Namco released the third version, which was the first PAC Man game released outside Japan.

On September 29, 1985, the first PacmanSports was released in Namco Pacman World, North America. He had more levels and new roles.

On June 23, 1988, Namco issued the fourth edition of the Pacman. It was Pacman’s first game in Europe. This was a huge improvement from the previous version.

On July 1, 1990, Namco released the Pacman, released in Japan. He introduced a new maze and introduced four new roles.

On November 15, 1994, he released Namko PAC vs., The first Pacman Game in Europe. It was the first Pacman who had a 3D maze and new roles.


“PACMAN 99” was released in May 2017 and became a virus, and eventually became one of the most famous YouTube videos in history.

She has a girl named Tia, who wears the main PAC character.

It passes through a series of rooms, as it collects gold coins that can be used to purchase power for Pacman.

At the end of each room, there are two or more elements that the player needs to take to reach the next step.

At each stage, the players will have to collect all gold coins in the theater before moving forward.


Pacman is a game created by Nintendo in Japan and published in the United States through Midway games. The sport was the most famous at the time. The main character of the game was Back Man, a mustache and a big tooth character. He had to eat points to avoid ghosts. He went from left to right on the screen using Joyce’s stick. Could only eat points and could not shoot shots.

The purpose was to avoid his arrest by ghosts. There were great obstacles in front of ghost games. They needed to arrest Pacman, they needed to surround it. A special past called MIMI is especially dangerous because it could grow faster than Pacman and can be trapped in the walls.

It was very easy to learn the game. But while playing, the difficulty level increased. This helped the players improve their capabilities. The game graphics are also well designed. The player can change between different versions of PACMAN. He made her a feeling of success. Pacman became a legend after his release and was still famous. Namco created the game, which has become a classic.


The original Pacman is designed to play by two people. Two players will face each other in the maze and the first is all the points. The game was very common and many films were also adapted.

The World Cupbackman was held in 1990, and Backman was still very famous. The program lasted for a month and was more than $ 6 million in awards funds.

Pacman has been updated for 20 years to work with modern technology, but this role still holds a special place in the sports world.

It is a very fun game and was a success in the decade. Attari 2600, NES, Sega Genius, and others all released the game in subsequent years.

The game was later transferred to many platforms including PC, PlayStation, Game Boy, Game Gear, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, and Dreams.

The target of the game is to take all the points and avoid ghosts. You can move the Pacman around the maze and collect electricity pellets to move faster.

Alternative versions of the Pacman game

If you have played Pacman in your childhood, you should have heard about this classic Arcade game, as the goal was as much as possible and to avoid his arrest by ghosts.

However, the original Pacman is now largely present and has evolved into many different versions. But we will show you some alternative versions of PAC-Man.

The first man was released in 1980. It was one player’s game. Developed by Namco Ltd. Designed by Toru iWatani. His inspiration came from a dog named Baku who lived in his neighborhood. A special thanks to Masamichi Abe for creating the graphics. Toru iWatani composed the music.

It was one player’s game. I played it on TV. I played the original Pacmanby moving a control stick to direct the Pacmanvia Mazes. You had to be enemies benefiting, and you could eat points to provide additional points. When you take points, a point clock appeared at the bottom of the screen. If you eat this point, you will lose your life. When a peel is strong, you will restore life. If you are listening to your life, the game will end. If you reach the end of the maze before the time runs out, you will get a special prize.

The first multi-player version of the game was released in 1982.

Pacman is one of the most popular games in everything. There are many different versions of the available game, such as the Arcade version and mobile phone versions. Different companies created and released these versions. 1980 marked the release of the first Pacman game. Namco called it “PAC-LAND”. It was released for the arcade machine under the name “Pac-Man”.

“. The latest versions of the game are mobile phone versions.

NCSOFT created these versions. This company has also dismantled some other successful video games. They also released “Monster World”, “Grow Lanser” and “Mortal Kombat” to name a few. The game runs by players using a keyboard and control. In the game, the player uses the keyboard to Mot and MOOLYSTICK to target the indicator on the screen points.

Playing Guide of the Pacman game

“PACMAN” was the original name of the game, which later evolved into “PAC Land” and “PACMAN World”. U.S. sales of the game began in 1988. Other names included “PACMAN” and “PACMANII”. PACMAN became the name in 1990. PACMAN became the name in 1990. It was first released for corridors and then for key devices, later released for personal computers.

There are many indicators and indicators available in the game to learn the basics of the game players. The game has become a known fact that it is one of the few video games that was able to be common for thirty years. It made it one of the best sports of all time. One of these events takes place in Japan.

There, the Japanese Museum celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of Pacman with a special exhibition.

In celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of PAC Man, this exhibition includes many games and other related elements. Some items include posters, artwork, and even Pakman.

Unique Pacman party

If you are planning to throw a party for your friends and family, these are some interesting ideas to make them even more entertaining and Play fantasy league.

One of the classical sports for all ages is a good idea the Pacman party. It not only provides entertainment, but it will also help you stay in good shape and you eat all these points.

The game is quite simple so that the baby can enjoy it, so you don’t have to worry about the presence of adults who don’t know how to play. You just need to get the classic Pacman game and some points of points and you are ready to go.

The game itself is very easy. You just move the Pacman around one maze and take points to collect energy tablets. Once a total of four, you will be inaccessible for a short period.



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