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How to Choose the Truck Fleet Right

Working as a truck driver is not only prestigious, but also provides many benefits: high wages, the opportunity to travel, social insurance, various bonuses, and motivation systems. About 3 million people are now employed as truck drivers in the USA.

However, choosing the right trucking company in the USA if you want to be a truck driver is quite challenging. From one side, the market is full of potential hires with different car fleets, but newcomers often do not know what aspect they should look for when choosing a new job and a car fleet. However, choosing the right vendor is a big factor in determining your future success.

How to Start?

To get started, you can make a list of important expectations for the employer, in order to be ready to compare different job offers and choose the one that suits you best. For example, you might be interested in compensation, health benefits. Compare offers which you get with your personal requirements and choose the employer which provides the best ones.

You may also like to consider how far the company is from your home, how long their shift schedule is, and how much time will be allowed for you to stay at home.

Questions are Important to Ask

You should always be ready to ask questions, don’t be afraid of them. Wonder, how many trucks are in the fleet, are they dedicated, is there good equipment, etc. Being curious early on can help you make a better deal. By asking all kinds of questions, you can also find out how conscientious and reliable your future employer is.

Feel free to ask questions about money. How much do the highest earners and average earners of the company earn? What is the retention rate in the company?

Such questions will help you to make a choice towards the best and most reliable company.

What to Take into Account First?

Pay attention to big truck companies firstly. Large fleets such as HMD Trucking usually have a good reputation and are more stable than most small companies.

Moreover, the schedule in big companies is usually very flexible. It means that a truck driver may not fit into the loading docks’ schedule and plan it on his own.

Facing a lack of trucks or trailers should not be an issue in huge companies as they usually have a lot of equipment. They often have their own repair shops, corporate accounts with other repair shops, accounts at hotel chains and truck stops. It may decrease drivers’ pocket expenses on repairs or services, so that is definitely a big advantage for any truck driver.

Some Enrollment Tips

Be careful with the details of your employment. Too many truck drivers encounter a trap during the enrollment process. Very often a driver is hired as an independent contractor when operating company equipment and not as an employee in a company. This trap is called Driver Inc., this may seem obvious, but it is potentially dangerous for every new employee in the trucking industry. This situation can affect not only your career, but also your daily life. For example, this may negatively impact the process of buying a house. Not being self-employed may complicate getting a mortgage loan.

Such a model of deception often offers many benefits that only at first glance seem beneficial. For example, many fleets may promise you higher earnings, but this will be done only at the expense of giving up a lot, and in most cases you commit tax evasion.

Rejection of having insurance also puts truck drivers at risk if they get injured on the job. Using the Drive Inc. model, trucking companies are taking the responsibility away from themselves during accidents with truck drivers. When you get a job as an employee of the company, you are insured in case of an accident on the road.

Where to Look for a Job and What to Look at When Finding One?

When looking for a job, rely not only on reviews or invitations from friends and acquaintances. Try to find a fleet by yourself: study various companies and their offers. Use websites such as Google, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook and Instagram, where you can find many current job offers and find out more detailed information about companies.

For a more reliable source of information, try to contact current car park drivers. So, you will have the opportunity to learn the information which interests you “from the first person”.

An important factor when choosing a fleet is the availability of support. Many drivers quit due to lack of support. Often there may be misunderstandings, you may need information or the opportunity to contact a real person – 24-hour dispatch or on-call support provide this to each employee.


There are plenty of huge fleets, which are always looking for new candidates and you’re always able to choose the best one. Based on the tips above, you can easily find a truck company which meets all your requirements. Keep in mind that the fleet you’re going to work with will determine your success.



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