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Csun Canvas

CSUN Canvas is a separate learning management system for CSUN students. Offers a unique set of services, including an email address that can be used to request certain academic documents and; Ability to view and update students’ grades. Access to a secure area where students can store digital copies of important documents such as passports; Access textbooks, e-books, and other online resources through library book databases (such as EBSCOhost); And much more.

Csun canvas is an online platform where you can take Coursera courses for free. The platform includes an integrated, feature-rich, and sophisticated user experience from the landing page to the course selection and registration process. We have been featured in some of the best tech blogs like Hacker News, The Next Web, etc.

CSUN Canvas is the official app of California State University, Northridge. It gives you instant access to your grades, class schedule, and campus map. With this app, you can add/manage your account, register for classes, view your financial aid award and see what’s happening on campus, here you can get knowledge about Dubai Desert safari

Csun Email

Csun Email is the all-in-one email marketing solution, which enables you to create different types of emails in bulk and send them at once. It also provides you with a cost-effective way to send newsletters and keep in touch with your clients and customers.

Personal email server with easy-to-use GUI console. sun mail is a powerful mail server for personal use. Supports many local domains, POP3/IMAP4/SMTP/SSL, virtual mailbox, etc. An easy-to-use web management console makes server management.

CsUnified Email is a communications-centric platform that helps you stay on top of your business. It provides a unified inbox to manage all your emails from different applications, allows you to share and assign tasks and projects with colleagues, clients, and partners, as well as organize events and meetings through the built-in calendar.

Csun Gmail

Csun Gmail is a free email account that allows its users to have an email address at the domain This allows Northwestern students to use a CSUNet SMTP server and receive their emails at, giving them more flexibility in where they can access their emails, as well as having a more professional email address than using a Gmail account or yahoo for school-related business.

Csun Gmail is a web-based service that allows users to check and send emails. This software also provides additional capabilities including the ability to create contact groups, set up custom signatures, format emails using HTML, and organize emails using folders.

Csun Gmail Mobile App

It allows you to access your Gmail account from your iOS and Android device. It offers multiple features, including the ability to search for emails, create new messages, access contacts and calendar entries, etc.

Csun Gmail is a free and open-source email application that strives to follow the GNOME human interface guidelines and respects the standards as much as possible. It provides native integration with various components of the GNOME desktop environment but can also be used with other desktops such as KDE, XFCE, and others that support the respective protocols. is an independent email provider that offers the opportunity to have your own domain name mailbox without having to pay registration fees or annual maintenance costs. The service is offered by Cloud Business Hosting, a Germany-based company that also hosts other services like Dropbox, Joomla, WordPress, and many more.

Csun Box

CSUN Box is a platform for content creators, brands, and developers. It is a community where anyone can participate in creating high-quality, engaging, and informative content that connects with users on a deep emotional level.

CSUN Box is a subscription fund for lovers of Korean beauty products. It offers full-size Kbeauty samples and luxury sample packs that cater to a variety of needs, from those who want to try new products or brands to those who already know what they love and want only the best.

Csun Fund is India’s first and largest e-commerce company to use men’s grooming products. We curate, manufacture, and deliver boxes of high-quality men’s grooming products to our customers every month. With over 140 brands, we offer the best options to choose from while giving users a chance to try new brands at their own convenience.

Csun Box is a subscription service that delivers curated lifestyle products to your doorstep every month. Each chest comes with a minimum of three items, and up to 6. You can choose between two types of chests: men’s or women’s. Your monthly subscription includes the cost of shipping and handling, which means that the products will be delivered directly to your doorstep without any additional shipping charges.

Csun Health Portal

The Csun health portal is your one-stop shop for all healthcare-related information. The platform allows you to access a wide range of information from various medical experts, clinicians, and organizations. Csun health portal also has an app where users can stay updated with the latest news and tools in the medical field.

The CSUN Health Portal is a web-based system that provides healthcare professionals with tools and information to support their daily practices. The system features an integrated electronic medical record (EMR) system, real-time lab results, point-of-care access to patient education materials, and physician desk search.

The CSUN Health Portal provides a central location for all faculty, staff, and students to access the latest information about CSUN health services, programs, and fitness facilities. It also gives you easy access to billing and insurance information, medical forms, and campus maps.

Csun Health Portal is the most revolutionary healthcare platform that is changing the face of the health sector. CSUN Health Portal is an effective web-based technology that provides access to all healthcare information in one place. Using this innovative platform, people can easily search for hospitals, doctors, and other medical facilities in their area.

Csun Class Search

CSUN provides you with a complete online search tool for all undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs at CSU Northridge. Use our advanced search to search for classes by term, instructor, or department. There is no need to remember course numbers or titles. When you can use CSUN Class Search to find out exactly. Which courses are available?

With the CSUN Class Search mobile app, you can now search for classes and create a course schedule anytime, anywhere! Whether you’re a current student or just thinking about enrolling in Cal State Northridge. Searching for a csun class is the only way to view available classes, add them to your cart, and sign up!

Csun class search. It is the official app of California State University, Northridge. With this app, you can find out information about your classes and professors in any semester. Search for your schedule and get directions to anywhere on campus. We’ve made it easy for you to keep track of all your classes and assignments as well as stay in touch with CSUN people and events.

Csun Housing Portal

Csun housing portal provides the latest information about student housing. From on-campus housing to off-campus apartments, to rental homes, and everything in between. The Csun housing portal gives you a glimpse into the future of our community. With listings, photos, and real-time descriptions of each property. You can start your search for where you’d like to live now!

Csun housing portal is a student housing search engine and a guide for students to find their apartments near campus. Provides on-campus living options, online applications, events and activities, news, and reviews of student apartments available at California State University Northridge, there is also available Quail Vendor Portal for more information.

CSUN Housing Portal is an easy-to-use, secure, and fast housing portal. You can search for available apartments or houses in your desired location and apply online. The portal has a beautiful dashboard. It shows you all the details related to the property. From the rent to amenities like the bus stop or the nearby market. With this well-designed app, searching for a new home becomes fast, easy, and fun!



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